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As a higher education institution Is a source of knowledge, knowledge and high level experts in the country Therefore striving to improve educationTo be a world-class university Therefore has developed teaching and learning research all the time To meet the needs of students in all dimensions





Managed by the Student Affairs Division, Sport Division, strives to provide a wide variety of athletic,
recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals of all ages, interests and abilities. We encourage
all forms of sport and athletics both indoor and outdoor for the benefit of students and staff members.
Just by showing Student ID card, you can easily access our sport facilities comprising of:

•    Gymnasium and Sport Complex
•    Fitness Centre
•    Recreation class
•    Tennis court
•    Football and track field
•    Sport equipment: basketball, volleyball, football, takraw, table tennis, etc.



Phone : +66 2470 8092, +66 2470 8095  

To conveniently serve a number of students and staff at the same time, KMUTT main canteen, so-called ‘KFC’, King Mongkut’s Food Center, is located on the 2nd floor of King Mongkut’s Memorial Building with various delicious kinds of foods; Thai local food, Chinese noodles, halal food and vegetarian food. Also, two small canteens are located below the KMUTT Residence Hall buildings along with many food stalls scattered around the campus for grabbing a bite meals.

Open hours: Mon-Sat 06.00–20.00



KMUTT Residence
KMUTT Residence is priority served for full-time undergraduate students. Our on campus residence, separated by gender can support  about 1,300 students on Bangmod Campus and 500 students on Bangkhunthien Campus. 

Office hours : Mon–Fri 08.00-19.00, Sat–Sun  08.00-17.00 



Phone : +66 2470 8460-3, +66 97 205 4526
Email :
Website :



Heliconia House
This place is a great choice for students who want to reside inside the university. All rooms are fully furnished with free Wifi internet. The rooms can be booked on sharing basis at 15,000-18,000 THB per month/room. Each rooms are limited to the maximum of 2 persons. Sometimes, you may probably need to have a short stay. Heliconia house is recommended.


Phone : +66 2470 8487-9
Email :
Website :


Medical Service

Medical Unit for students, faculty members, and staff at Bangmod Site, is located on the 1st floor of Classroom building ll (CB2), providing first-aid and medical services. Counseling and Psychological Services are available on Fridays from 13.00 hrs. onward.



KMUTT Bangmod
Open hours : Mon-Fri 08.30-18.00
General Treatment : (Nurse) Mon-Fri  08.30-18.00, (Doctor) Mon-Thu 13.00-16.00
Specifics Clinics : (Specialist) Mon-Wed 16.30-18.00
Motivation Clinics : Mon-Tue 09.00-12.00, Wed 16.00-18.00, Fri 12.00-15.00
Phone : +66 2470 8446


KMUTT Bangkhuntien
Open hours : Mon-Fri 08.30-18.00
General Treatment : (Nurse) Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00, (Doctor) Mon-Thu 12.00-14.00
Specifics Clinics : Tue 10.00-13.00
Motivation Clinics : Thu 11.00-15.00
Phone : +66 2470 7030

KMUTT Residential College
Open hours : Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00
General Treatment : (Nurse) Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00
Phone : +66 2470 9980

Website :


KMUTT Library is a central office, administering the library and information technology to support the university’s missions in providing education, encouraging research, developing study techniques, and rendering academic services to society. 

Library’s Services
At present, the Library has various documents & books related to the fields of science, engineering, energy technology, biotechnology, material science, and other related fields, including Thai and English textbooks, Thai and English journals/magazines, theses and Thailand’s manufacturing and industrial manuals/standards in all categories. These books can also

be downloaded in E-book format. 

Academic services: the library provides standard services as in other institutions, which includes:
•    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
•    Circulation Books
•    Reference Books
•    Thailand’s Manufacturing and Industrial Standards
•    Serials
•    Examination Papers
•    Databases; ABI Inform, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library), Applied Sciences & Technology Plus Online, ASCE Online Journals, Eric, IEL, Medline and Science Direct
•    In addition, users can use Stand Alone at a self-access learning room.
•    Searching Information Resources
•    Digital Library Databases



KMUTT Bangmod
Open  hours :
 1st-2nd semester Mon-Sun 08.00-21.00, Summer session Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00
Phone : +66 2470 8223

KMUTT Bangkhuntien
Open  hours :
 1st-2nd semester Mon-Sun 08.00-21.00, Summer session Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00
Phone : +66 2470 7040

KMUTT Residential College
Open  hours :
 1st-2nd semester Mon-Sun 08.00-21.00, Summer session Mon–Fri 8.00–17.00
Phone : +66 2470 541-3






Science Learning Space serves as a free space for exchanging knowledge on science and technology. This is to promote the idea of a life-long-learning to students and university staffs. By using the idea of self-learning, Science Learning Space provides various type of learning materials and multimedia resources. 


Open hours : Mon–Fri 08.00-19.00



Phone : +66 2470 9564-6
Email :
Website :



KMUTT Computer Center is located on the 1st -2nd floor of Classroom Building II (CB2). It offers a 24/7 service hour every day except on pre-announced dates which can be looked up at the noticeboard on 1st floor, Classroom Building II (CB2)


Open hours : Mon–Fri 08.30-16.30



Phone : +66 2470 9400
Website :


We respect all religious and recognise the importance of the diversity. KMUTT facilitates, as a central service, specific praying rooms for religious purpose. Buddhist room, Christian room and Muslim room are available at the 1st floor of King Mongkut’s Memorial Building under the administration of the Student Organization/Clubs. There are a few more prayer rooms for Muslims located at various point across the whole campus.

Always take a moment to look through your peaceful soul!



Phone : +66 2470 8107, +66 2470 8110



Located at the ground floor of the Car Park Building, Bangmod Campus. The bookstore widely serves KMUTT students, staff and outside people. Various kind of books and textbooks both in Thai and in English, tool kits, souvenirs, student uniforms and decorations, stationery, book purchasing order service are available. 

Privileges: 10% discount for the members. 
Open hour: Mon–Fri 08.00–17.00 (Except public holidays)


Co-operatives Shop (Bangmod Site)

KMUTT co-operatives shop carries several kinds of merchandise including educational tool kit and snack.
Location: Ground floor of Car Park Building.


Post Office (Bangmod Site)
It is located on the ground floor of Car Park Building.
Service hours: Mon–Fri 8.30-16.30



There are many parking lots, with free of charge, scattering all over the campus, please notice a sign. Plus, a parking lot which can occupy not over than 400 cars is served in a 14 story-building with a reasonable price.

KMUTT shuttle bus

You can find van and bus shuttle service between sites at the front of the Office of President Building (near the garden and pond side). The timetable is also shown at the bus stop.

* Knowledge Exchange (Kx). It is close to BTS Krung Thonburi. You can use your student ID card to take shuttle bus for free.


KMUTT Hop off-Hop On
This 100 percent eco-friendly electric vehicle bus runs around KMUTT Bang Mod Campus. 

Route 1: Office of the President > Female Dormitory > Classroom Building 3 > Classroom Building 1
> Faculty of Science > Office of the President

Route 2: Office of the President > Faculty of Science > Institute of Field Robotics > Library
> Main Canteen > Classroom Building 3 > Engineering Building > Female Dormitory > Office of the President


Bike Share Services
KMUTT is now operating Bike Share services at Green Society Building with Free of charge for
bicycle sharing service. Student card is required when renting a bicycle.