Get to know KMUTT alumni who have characterized our tradition of excellence and brought credit to the University by their personal success,professional accomplishment, or charitable service




Distinguished Alumni

Each year, KMUTT has produced qualified graduates for the society. All of them have brought honor and reputation to the University or their community, and have made significant contributions of time by their personal accomplishment, professional achievement, or humanitarian service. Recognize our distinguished alumni or if you know of anyone who is deserving of being a distinguished alumnus, please inform us.

1979 list 

Prof. Dr. Chai Jaturapitakkul

Civil Engineering 

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Djitt Laowattana

Mechanical Engineering


Alumni Group

There’s a channel to stay connected with the University and fellow alumni. Our ‘Mod Groups’ 
– alumni groups – foster the spirit of KMUTT and bring alumni closer together.

KMUTT enhances alumni a channel to stay connect to the University and fellow alumni. Our ‘Mod Group’ – an alumni group is to foster a spirit of loyalty and always to reconnect and bring alumni closer together.

Looking to join an alumni group? Contact here.

‘Mod Nuar’ – Northern Alumni Group
Mr. Narongrit Methateeranun
262/ 51 Baroomtrailoknartr St.,
NaiMuang Subdistrict, Muang District,
Pitsanulok 65000
Mobile: +66 081-8875335

‘Mod E-Sarn’ – Northeastern Alumni Group
Mr.Jakkrit JiraUraiwong
Roongnirun Village II, 335/ 108-9 Moo9 Soi 4
Mitraphap St.,
Suranaree Subdistrict, Muang District,
Nakhonrachsrima 30000
Mobile: +66 081-9660762, +66 080-4817858

‘Mod TawanOrk’ – Eastern Alumni Group
Mr.Amnard Bualaoor
41/ 9 Mapkha Subdistrict, Nikompattana District,
Mobile: +66 081-8612955

‘Mod TawanTok’ – Western Alumni Group
Mr.Touchchai Kuunaasinkuldecha
21/ 1 Moo 1, Huaphoo- Baansigh St.,
Huaphoo Subdistrict, Baanphae District,
Rajburi 70160
Mobile: +66 081-8213074

‘Mod Taai’ – Southern Alumni Group
Mr. Sataaphorn Rojanahasdin
16/ 18 Moo 5,
Makhamtia Subdistrict, Muang District,
Surajthani 84000
Mobile: +66 081-8746071

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Stay Connected!

Stay connected to KMUTT by making sure we have your up-to-date information. Please update your profile [link to]. Any updates to your information will be recorded in KMUTT alumni database. You can inspect and update your alumni profile anytime, from anywhere. You are also encouraged to join other alumni groups to connect with fellow alumni as well as to post discussions and career opportunities.

Main contact

Alumni Relations
Phone: +66 2470-8094, +66 2470-8112
Fax: +66 2470-8112


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Main contact

Alumni Relations
Phone: +66 2470-8094, +66 2470-8112
Fax: +66 2470-8112


Share Your Views

Do you want to share your stories? Tell us what matters to you in work and life in general.

We want to hear from our alumni.  Please keep in touch by sharing your views. Help us to foster and guide today’s students by sharing your knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Share your views on education/ curriculum relating matters.
  • Share your views on industry development.
  • Share your views on personal accomplishment.
  • Share your views on professional achievement.
  • Share your views on humanitarian service.
  • Share your views on else.

You may want to use this network to talk with friends and former colleagues or make contact with future partners, our alumni community is working out for you.

Main contact

Alumni Relations
Phone: +66 2470-8094, +66 2470-8112
Fax: +66 2470-8112


Give Back to KMUTT

Help make a difference by volunteering and giving back to our University.

Think about your years at KMUTT. Do you remember the happiness you had, the sad you suffered, the friends you made, the obstacles you overcome? Why don’t you help current and future students have similar experiences they will remember for a lifetime? Isn’t it time you give something back to your University?

There are many ways to give back to KMUTT, you may want to

  • Recommend a good student to the Admissions office.
  • Host international students for a stay.
  • Tutor students who are struggling with their study.
  • Offer an innovative curriculum.
  • Financially support the University Fund.
  • Provide an internship experience for current students.
  • Call to say hello to the ones who made a difference in your life.
  • Support to buy seats for annual cultural events.
  • Donate blood at a campus blood drive.
  • Drop to eat-in at the canteen.
  • Drive-thru to check out what change.
  • Tell others how important KMUTT is to you.

KMUTT enjoys all kinds of support from alumni.

Main contact

Alumni Relations
Phone: +66 2470-8094, +66 2470-8112
Fax: +66 2470-8112