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The university’s employee and casual worker’s type and the welfare

  Officer and casual worker of the university


    1.Non – permanent employeeis those who has knowledge and  working for the university as follows;(1) Retired person who works as a teacher in the university until the age of 65(2) Person who works as a teacher and passes on the knowledge which technical ability is required(3) Foreign expert who works as a teacher in the university

    - Social Security-Compensation-Severance pay (in case of working for 120 days continuously)

    2. Permanent Employee(1) Officer during probation period(2) Permanent Officer as per the specific time in the contract(3) Permanent Officer as per the un -specific time in the contract covering full- time and part – time permanent officer    

    – Provident Fund or a pension- Compensation- Severance pay (in case of working for 120 days continuously)- Medical expense fee

    3. Casual worker  is a person whom the university hires for working in a  particular job or in a specific time  as follows;(1) The  casual worker  for the university(2) The  casual worker for the project;- Research projects supported by outside fund- Project for  educational management(3) The special government‘s contemporary staff- The project of hiring unemployed or laid off  persons ( ABB Loan)(4) Other casual worker whom the university hires which is not in number1-3

    - Social Security- Compensation- Severance pay (in case of working for 120 days continuously)


Reimbursement for Medical Expenses

1. You can claim reimbursement after an accident according to your contract (30,000 Baht/year), you have to attach a medical certificate showing the expenses to the university.

2. You can claim reimbursement after the sickness if your medical treatment is taken in a Government Hospital. You also have to attach a medical certificate and the expenses.

3. If you are admitted to a Private Hospital, some medical expenses are reimbursed as well.

4. There is an annual medical check provided by the university.

5. The expenses of the dental treatment (filling, scaling, pulling, root canal treatment and surgical removal of impacted tooth) are reimbursed not more than 3,000 Baht per year (from 1st of October to 30th of September). You may need go to a private hospital or a private dentist (an authorized dental clinic).

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Career Path

There are two standard structures of staff’s career path

1. Academic group including lecturers and researchers
1.1 Lecturer and researcher levels 1-5
1.2 Assistant Professor levels 2-5
1.3 Associate Professor levels 3-6
1.4 Professor levels 4-6

For the career promotion, researchers are also given the opportunity to achieve the promotion as all lecturers do.

2. Support group, and Administrative and Support group include
2.1 Academic support levels 1-5
2.2 Administrative and support (Senior administrative staff) levels 1-4
2.3 Administrative and support (Support staff holding a bachelor’s degree or upper) levels 1-4
2.4 Administrative and support (Support staff holding a vocational degree) levels 1-4
2.5 Specialist

With regard to the structures of the career promotion, the career growths of both groups are highly taken into consideration. To reach the standard of the career growth potential, the following are guidelines for those who would like to be promoted.


1. Academic group
There are job descriptions attached for each sub-group promotion. They are guidelines that supervisors and academic staff would apply for their levels of knowledge and potential which would be driven and developed for their career growth. This career growth would be assessed through the self-evaluation in all aspects of areas of responsibilities.


2. Academic support group, and administrative and support group.
The criteria for job characteristics, skills and qualifications have been consciously created for each career path level. This is to direct the right person into the right job.


To encourage the career paths of all kinds of staff, the evaluations for particular kinds of promotions would be applied to particular target groups which include academic, academic and support, and administrative and academic support. There are two basic kinds of promotions; normal and fast tracks.


Due to the career promotion, certification, working experiences, working performance, self-improvement and any kind of training would become parts of the criteria for the consideration. In other words, the qualifications of the candidates to be promoted might cover personalities and productive works in terms of both quantity and quality. According to the career promotion and job description, the criteria and directions have been cautiously standardized.

The full list of human resources form is available here:
If the form you are looking for is not on the list, please contact the HRM.


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Visa and work permit

Foreigners who would like to work in KMUTT must possess Non B and Non F visa.
The work permit will be expired according to the visa.

Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days

Procedure and notification

1. The foreigner makes the notification in person, or
2. The foreigner authorizes another person to make the notification, or
3. The foreigner makes the notification by registered mail.
4. The notification must be made within 7 days before or after the period of 90 days expires.
5. The first application for extension of stay by the foreigner is equivalent to the notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days.


Documents needed for notification of staying over 90 days are

1. Copy of all passport pages (up to the latest arrival stamp in the Kingdom or latest visa stamp)
2. Copy of arrival/departure card TM.6 (front and back)
3. Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)
4. Completely filled in and signed notification form TM.47
5. Original passport


  • The notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days is in no way equivalent to a visa extension.
  • If a foreigner staying in the kingdom over 90 days without notifying the Immigration Bureau or notifying the Immigration Bureau later than the set period, a fine of 2,000.- Baht will be collected. If a foreigner who did not make the notification of staying over 90 days is arrested, he will be fined 4,000.- Baht.
  • If a foreigner leaves the country and re-enters, the day count starts at 1 in every case.
  • For details contact 0-2141-7881
  • All foreigners who already got visa of working at KMUTT and would like to leave Thailand must apply for a re-entry visa multiple re-entry must be applied for if you want to leave apply the country for more than one time during the time allowed for a   Non-B VISA (normally one year) . If you do not apply for a visa, your previous visa will no longer be valid. (It is advisable that the re-entry visa be applied at the Immigration office, Chaengwattana).